February 5, 2016

State Debt Management Network

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The State Debt Management Network is the professional organization of the issuers and managers of state debt.

The Network was formed in 1991 as an affiliate of the National Association of State Treasurers and brings together public officials from all branches of state government to share information on issuance, management and oversight of public debt.

The Network’s goal is to provide a forum for the meaningful exchange of ideas and information to states in the areas of capital planning, debt issuance, and debt management. Together, members work to enhance debt issuance and management practices through training and the exchange of ideas and innovations.

Whats New


New Webinar Recording

Municipal Bond Collateral and the Federal Home Loan Bank

On behalf of Treasurer Jeff Barnette, the National Association of State Treasurers and the State Debt Management Network (SDMN), we are happy to present this webinar on the acceptance of municipal bonds as collateral for the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) system. This webinar focuses on the FHLB system and why the FHLB accepting municipals as collateral could have a very real and significant impact on demand for your issuance. SDMN has invited the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis to present the details and guidelines to help further our understanding.


View Now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1miWMI_ovo

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In The News

NAST Writes Comment Letter to Moody’s Investor Service


NAST has signed a letter in response to Moody’s Investor Service, Inc. request for comments on the proposed revisions to their U.S. States Rating Methodology.  The letter expresses concerns with the proposed criteria related to the inclusion of U.S. territories in the proposed new criteria and the proposed adjustment of the weights for three of the four factors used in their analysis




The State Debt Management Network has all the right connections

“… some of the best brains, and influential and caring issuers, in the municipal bond market” are a part of the Network according to an industry news publication. You can be a part of the connection. 


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For more membership information, call (202) 347-3863 or e-mail preston@statetreasurers.org.