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The leading voice for excellence in public finance

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To better serve the staff who work in Treasury offices or other related state agencies, NAST has several peer-led groups members may join. These collegial, staff-led groups discuss topics related to your jobs, seek assistance from one another, or find information from other states. The major benefit of these communication groups are job-specific list serves where you can post questions and comments for others to respond who are in similar situations. There is also a file library for documents in the members-only database where you can post materials.

For most of the Caucuses and Forums, Treasury staff can self-select which groups to join. We know Treasury staff wear many hats, so you may be a member of more than one group to fit the circumstances within your office. To join a Caucus or Forum, click on the group you wish to join and then click on the Request to Join/Join button. NAST staff reserves the right to accept or decline requests based on membership. 

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Topical communications 

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Additionally, you can choose to receive important communications around these topical areas:

Joining these topical listserves does not connotate membership of the corresponding Network. For information on how to join a NAST Network, click here.

Corporate members are invited to join the topical list serves, but not job-alike Caucuses or Forums.