The leading voice for excellence in public finance
The leading voice for excellence in public finance


State Membership Benefits

Be a part of the leading bipartisan voice for excellence in public finance

Join leading public-finance officials in state treasuries and other agencies in fostering excellence in public finance. 

Membership in NAST is universal. If you work in a dues-paying State Treasury office (or equivalent), you are entitled to all member benefits. To ensure that all staff have access to these benefits, please log into the member portal and ensure your contact information is up to date. For a video tutorial and other helpful hints for new members, please click here.

Why should you join NAST?

Advance your Career 

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  • Attend NAST conferences, whether in person or virtual, at a discounted member rate.
  • Submit topics and speaker suggestions.
  • Serve as a speaker or panelist.
  • Attend members-only webinars and networking events.
  • Access archived conference materials and recorded webinars.
  • Participate in the New Treasurers’ Orientation.
  • Access publications and other resource materials in the members-only site.
  • Earn a certificate in public finance.

Be an Advocate 

  • Advocate on public finance issues to Congress and regulatory bodies.
  • Receive the exclusive “Washington Update” with a level of detail unavailable from most news sources.
  • Participate in quarterly Legislative Briefings with NAST’s advocacy experts.
  • Request assistance with policy briefings and Capitol Hill meetings.
  • Join other state policy staff to share best practices, strategies, and resources for state-level advocacy and policy development.
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Connect with Colleagues 

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  • Join a Network of college savings plans directors, state debt managers, or unclaimed property personnel.
  • Connect and engage with NAST on social media.
  • Join a job-alike caucus.
  • Connect with and learn from your peers whose shared knowledge represents decades of experience in every area of public finance.

Stay Current 

  • Receive the NAST Newsletter with curated articles and updates on NAST events.
  • Access the members-only website to contact members, review Treasurers’ profiles, and view the state careers and RFP directories.
  • Attend NAST Committee and Network meetings to learn about current policy.
  • Access job-specific resources to communicate with and learn from colleagues.
  • Promote your state’s/office’s accomplishments by submitting materials to the Weekly State Round Up.
  • Raise awareness of your office’s successes with peers and media across the country.
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Be a National Leader 

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  • Submit a column for the weekly Thought Leader newsletter and blog.
  • Present your state’s achievements in a webinar or at a conference.
  • Submit relevant articles, research, and educational material for your peers’ benefit through the NAST Newsletter.
  • Serve on Committees of NAST and/or the Networks.
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As a member of NAST, you receive preferred registration rates for all of NAST’s conferences throughout the year, including: