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NAST webinars are the product of a collaborative effort between federal and state governments and the industry to raise awareness of key issues and provide convenient online learning for public-finance officials and staffs.

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How State 529 Plans Have
Navigated Fixed Income
In 2 years, inflation, returns, and volatility have changed rapidly in the fixed income markets . Join Morgan Stanley's Graystone Consulting for a review of fixed income markets. Then learn how state 529 plans - including Virginia, Illinois, and Kentucky -- have made different allocation changes in recent years to navigate the evolving fixed income markets.
November 3, 2022
Categories: College Savings
2022 Baby Bonds 2022 Cyber Session NAST Cast
Closing the Wealth Gap with Baby Bonds
Wealth inequality in the United States has increased sharply over the past several decades, especially by race. Baby Bonds programs are a bold policy that can address this wealth gap by providing children, starting at birth, with a significant nest egg for their future.
October 26, 2022
Categories: Financial Education

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2022 Cyber Session NAST Cast (1)
Preparing Your Leadership for a Cyber Attack
October 12, 2022
Categories: Cyber Security
Bankruptcy 102
Bankruptcy 102: A More Detailed Focus on Unclaimed Property
October 6, 2022
Categories: Unclaimed Property
Can anything be done about the rising college costs
Can Anything Be Done About Rising College Costs?
April 20, 2022
Categories: College Savings

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CSPN Prepaid MiniCon
The MiniCon will be held using the Zoom “meetings” platform to provide a conversational and engaging environment for participants.
February 23-24, 2022
Categories: College Savings


CSPN WEbinar
College Board Trends in Higher Education
Here is the link to the Trends in Higher Education research that Jennifer and Matea referenced during the webinar:
November 10, 2021
Categories: College Savings
FinWell Webinar Image
The "Public Finance Workforce Study" and the Future of Public Finance
The "Public Finance Workforce Study" and the Future of Public Finance
November 3, .2021
Categories: NAST, Public Finance
Zero Trust
Zero Trust
October 20, 2021
Categories: Cyber Security

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Cyber Image Website
Cybersecurity and Fraud Impacts on Unclaimed Property
The presentation will take a look at data available on the dark web, findings data from fraudulent claims recently filed with states, and what states can do to help deter future fraud by having laws in place to make it easier to prosecute...
October 13th
Categories: Unclaimed Property
The Feds Webinar Img
The Feds: Court Decisions, Congressional Legislation and Intergovernmental Cooperation
This session will highlight how actions by federal courts, agencies, and Congress during the preceding year (and historically as well) have and will impact NAUPA member jurisdictions...
September 9, 2021
Categories: NAUPA
Cyber Risk for Treasury Departments: Understanding the Questions to Ask
Sponsored by Kroll Government Solutions: This sixty-minute in-depth webinar that will provide insight and practical recommendations about the cyber risks facing State Treasury offices...
April 7, 2021
Categories: Cyber Security
How States are Helping Families Give the Gift of Education
February 11, 2021
Categories: College Savings

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Security through Simulation: How to Respond to a Social Media Hack
This online session will review the latest cyber threats posed by social media, outline real world examples of recent attacks, and leverage a table top exercise to simulate a real-life scenario in order to explore key strategies on how to remain vigilant and recognize potential threats to you and your organization.
December 9, 2020
Categories: Cyber Security
Prepaid Tuition Plan Outreach in a Virtual World
December 3, 2020
Categories: College Savings
NAST Webinar - Business Continuity in the TIme of COVID-19
Business Continuity in the Time of COVID-19
Preparing, testing, and documenting the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) is not a want, but is a need for all Treasury offices and other related agencies...
April 2, 2020
Categories: Cyber Security


SDMN webinar - Dec. 12, 2019
Benchmarks in the Municipal Bond Space
Review the historical evolution of municipal benchmarks, discuss recent developments in the space, and explore what the future may look like for state-level issuers.
December 12, 2019
Categories: Public Finance
CSPN Webinar - Morningstar 529 Plan Overview
Morningstar 529 Plan Overview
CSPN and the Morningstar team reviewed the process and system it uses to rate 529 plans.
Categories: College Savings
Cybersecurity Webinar Series - Tax Identity Theft
Tax Identity Theft and Refund Fraud Prevention (Member Only)
Cybersecurity Webinar Series 4: Hear from a panel of experts who were part of the Identity Theft Tax Refund Fraud Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IDTTRF-ISAC) pilot program and learn how you can join this national effort. Sign in to view.
Categories: Cyber Security

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Cybersecurity Webinar Series - Intra-State Collaborations
Intra-state Collaborations
Cybersecurity Webinar Series 3: The importance of sharing data between Agencies
Categories: Cyber Security
Cybersecurity Webinar Series - Cybersecurity Insurance
The FAQs on Cyber Security Insurance
Cybersecurity Webinar Series 2: Building a Foundation of Information Security and Operational Resiliency
Categories: Cyber Security
Cybersecurity Webinar Series - Threat Mitigation
Threat Mitigation through Training and Awareness
Cybersecurity Webinar Series 1: Learn how states can manage cybersecurity threats through training and awareness from NASCIO and the South Dakota Treasurer
Categories: Cyber Security
CSPN Webinar - It Takes a Village to Raise an Industry
It Takes a Village to Raise an Industry
Learn from a panelist from a variety of trusted sources who will provide information about why they collect 529 data, the frequency and types of data collected, the nature and frequency of commentary, reports and/or recommendations about plans they provide, the panelists’ audiences, and a discussion about the importance of accurate, timely and consistent data.
Categories: College Savings
NAST Webinar - Qualified Institutional Buyers
Qualified Institutional Buyers: How Can You Qualify and What Are the Benefits?
Investment managers discuss the benefits and risks of 144A securities and a law firm analyzing the regulations around this status.
Categories: NAST


NAUPA Webinar - The Death Master File
The Death Master File – Understanding Its Role In Unclaimed Property
Learn about what the DMF is, what changes have been made to it over the past several years, how it can be used to identify unclaimed property, and what recent unclaimed property legislation, both proposed and enacted, has had to say about it.
Categories: NAUPA, Unclaimed Property
NAST Webinar - State Members' Webinar
State Members' Webinar
Review of NAST membership benefits and the 2018 Members' Needs Assessment Report
Categories: NAST
NAST Webinar - Corporate Affiliate Members' Webinar
Corporate Affiliate Members' Webinar
Review of Corporate Affiliate membership benefits and the 2018 Members' Needs Assessment Report
Categories: NAST
SDMN & MSRB Webinar - Getting to know Emma
Getting to Know Emma®
How well do you know EMMA®? The Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website is the official source for information about bonds issued by state and local governments.
Categories: SDMN
NAST Webinar - AUCD ABLE: The Big Picture
AUCD ABLE: The Big Picture
Use the ABLE Act as an ongoing case study in disability policy, from legislation development and passage to implementation, evaluation, and revision
Categories: ABLE, NAST
NAST Webinar - SEC Rule 15c2–12
Yikes!!! Amendments to SEC Rule 15c2-12 and Changes to My Continuing Disclosure Agreement!!
Learn about the SEC Rule 15c2-12 Amendments that were adopted on August 20, 2018.
Categories: NAST
NAST Webinar - AUCD ABLE: Basics
Learn the basics of the Stephen Beck, Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE Act)
Categories: ABLE, NAST

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NAST Webinar - Visa's Financial Education Programs
Financial Capability Through Innovation: Visa's Financial Education Programs
Through its global financial literacy initiative, Visa’s award-winning Practical Money Skills program strives to provide parents, teachers, students and consumers of all ages around the globe with innovative tools and resources.
Categories: Financial Education, NAST
NAST Webinar - Global Economic Update
Global Economic Update
Learn how topics such as the rising rate environment, geo-political disruption, and economic trends will impact state’s fiduciary responsibilities and the tax-exempt and taxable rates of municipal bonds.
Categories: NAST

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NAUPA Webinar - Elevating Outreach and Earned Media
Evaluating Outreach and Earned Media
Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your unclaimed property office at outreach and earned media
Categories: NAUPA, Unclaimed Property
NAUPA Webinar - Reengineering the NAUPA Standard File Format
Introduction to Reengineering the NAUPA Standard File Format
This webinar will give a brief overview of the NAUPA file format, why we are making changes, updates on progress and expected implementation.
Categories: NAUPA, Unclaimed Property
SCPN Webinar - 529 of Tomorrow
Imagine the 529 of Tomorrow
Imagine the 529 of Tomorrow with Richard Ellis, Senior Director for Compliance, Communications, Finance & Investment for my529 in Utah and Dan Payne, Marketing and Communications Specialist, with the GET program in Washington
Categories: College Savings
NAST Webinar - Financial Education
Financial Education: One Size Does Not Fit All
This webinar will explore what we know from research in financial education across a broad spectrum of the population: from children to those deep in their careers; those thinking about going to college and those thinking about retirement; and more.
Categories: Financial Education, NAST
NAST Webinar - South Dakota vs. Wayfair
South Dakota v. Wayfair: What's Next for Internet Sales Tax
Discuss how Congress and state and local government Chief Financial Officers are reacting to the decision and lobbying strategy for states and local governments.
Categories: NAST

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NAST Webinar - Technology and Gamification
Fintech: How to Apply New Technology and Gamification to Financial Empowerment
Learn how new technologies are changing financial empowerment
Categories: Financial Education, NAST
NAUPA Webinar - Safe Deposit Box - California
Opening the Safe Deposit Box: California’s New Approach
representatives from SCO’s Unclaimed Property Division will discuss how California was able to identify, retrieve, prepare, and load reports for over 75,000 US savings bonds for potential owners to claim.
Categories: NAUPA, Unclaimed Property
SDMN Webinar - Post Tax Reform
Post Tax Reform: Now What?
Explore the post tax reform landscape that state-level issuers face.
Categories: SDMN


NAST Webinar - Collateral Pools
Collateral Pools: Best Practices
The Hon. Steve McCoy, Georgia Treasurer, and the Hon. Young Boozer III, Alabama Treasurer will join representatives from JP Morgan and Wells Fargo to take a look at data on how states use collateral pools and discuss innovative ideas on how to improve their effectiveness.
Categories: Banking and Cash Management, NAST
NAST Webinar - CFPBs
Putting Research Into Practice: Exploring the CFPB s Work in Financial Education
Learn more about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)’s Financial well-being research, what financial well-being means to consumers, in their own words, for their own lives, and how it can be measured using the CFPB’s Financial well-being scale.
Categories: Financial Education, NAST
NAST Webinar - Congress Overview
An Overview of September in Congress and What’s Next in 2017
Matthew Hoekstra from NAST's lobbying firm, Williams and Jensen discusses the latest with tax reform, government funding, the debt limit, and other key topics.
Categories: NAST
SDMN Webinar - Municipal Bond Collateral
Municipal Bond Collateral and the Federal Home Loan Bank
This webinar will focus on the FHLB system and why the FHLB accepting municipals as collateral could have a very real and significant impact on demand for your issuance.
Categories: Banking and Cash Management, SDMN
NAST Webinar - Financial Education in Schools
Financial Education in Schools: Why Students Need to Learn the ABCs of Personal Finance
George Washington University School of Business Professor Annamaria Lusardi discusses the importance of financial education
Categories: Financial Education, NAST
NAST Webinar - Financial CHOICE Act
Exploring the Details of the Financial CHOICE Act and its Relevance to NAST Members
Williams and Jensen’s Joel Oswald will provide a general overview of the Financial CHOICE Act, including specific provisions relevant to NAST members, and respond to your questions about bill and the direction of financial regulatory reform efforts in Congress.
Categories: NAST
NAST Webinar - Bridging the Gap in Financial Literacy
Bridging the Gap in Financial Literacy
learn more about how Fidelity Investments, the Jump$tart Coalition and its’ partners are building an online training portal for teachers to help close the knowledge and confidence gap faced by teachers which holding our students back from learning critical financial literacy concepts.
Categories: Financial Education, NAST
NAST Webinar - Advancing Financial Capability
Advancing Financial Capability in Your State Using Hands On Banking
Learn why more than 1.5 million people from countries around the globe annually visit and for free tools and educational resources to help people in all stages of life become smarter about money and achieve their financial goals.
Categories: Banking and Cash Management, NAST
SDMN Webinar - Debt Management
Debt Management: Important Regulations Updates
Learn more about the IRS Issue Price Certificate regulations along with the SEC Proposal to modify its 15c2-12 disclosure rule.
Categories: SDMN
NAST Webinar - How Washington Really Works - March 30, 2017
How Washington Really Works: How to Engage Federal Policymakers and Examining how a Bill Becomes a Law
Learn effective lobbying strategies that you can do from your state as well as details about how a bill gets passed in Congress.
Categories: NAST
NAST Webinar - Issuer Considerations - Feb. 18, 2017
Issuer Considerations: Bank Loans
Learn about the selection process, advantages, disadvantages, pricing, disclosure practices, credit implications, regulatory impacts, and overall best practices of bank loans/direct loans.
Categories: Banking and Cash Management, NAST