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Thought Leader Thursday

Showcasing treasury and public-finance thought leaders

According to NAST’s Strategic Plan, one of the key goals is to develop our members to be the recognized thought leaders relating to state treasuries and public finance issues. To that end, we launched a new edition of our Newsletter highlighting the roles and responsibilities of our members.

Thought Leader Articles 

State Treasurers Continue #GettingTheJobDone
State Treasurers Continue #GettingTheJobDone
By: Deborah B. Goldberg
April 2, 2020
It seems like new questions arise faster than real answers can emerge. Still, despite all of the new obstacles, Treasurers and treasury staff are #GettingTheJobDone for their states and our country...
Never Be Bored: Consider Another Board!
Never Be Bored: Consider Another Board!
By: Manju S. Ganeriwala
March 26, 2020
While our many commitments may be weighing heavily on us at this time of upheaval around the country, I am energized by the life-long learning and camaraderie of board service...
Things Work Better When We Work Together
Things Work Better When We Work Together
By: Mark William Bracken, J.D.
March 19, 2020
Whether you manage unclaimed property, debt management, investment portfolios, or college savings plans let us all remember the mission that unites us and that things work better when we work together...
More Than Just Dollars and Cents – The Strength of the Treasurer’s Office as a Policy Maker
More Than Just Dollars and Cents – The Strength of the Treasurer’s Office as a Policy Maker
By: Shawn Wooden
March 12, 2020
Our offices have tremendous potential to move policy and improve the quality of life in our states in ways that go beyond just dollars and cents...
Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
Oh, the Places You'll Go!
By: Michael Fitzgerald
March 5, 2020
All of us in public service and our staff have the opportunity to make an impact, regardless of the duration of your tenure...
Help Us Grow the State Debt Management Network
By: Dave Erdman
February 27, 2020
SDMN’s mission is to lead, educate, and advocate efficient and responsible state debt management essential to meeting states’ financing needs...
Addressing Challenges With Bold Ideas
Addressing Challenges With Bold Ideas
By: Joseph Torsella
February 20, 2020
As State Treasurers, we all know that student debt is at a crisis point in the United States, at $1.6 trillion, collectively...
7 Takeaways from NAST’s Largest Legislative Conference
7 Takeaways from NAST's Largest Legislative Conference
By: Brian Egan
February 13, 2020
Earlier this week, nearly 300 attendees— including 32 State Treasurers – convened in Washington for our largest Legislative Conference to date. For those of you who could not attend, here’s a recap of what you missed...
Advocating With One Voice
Advocating With One Voice
By: Hon. Tobias Read
February 6, 2020
It’s not in spite of our unique differences, but because of them that our shared voice resonates so loudly on the Hill. When Treasurers speak, federal decision-makers listen...
How to Mitigate Cyber Security Threats in a Fast-Paced World? Slow Down!
How to Mitigate Cyber Security Threats in a Fast-Paced World? Slow Down!
By: Hon. Josh Haeder
January 30, 2020
While there are many important issues discussed through NAST, it’s a privilege to discuss the importance of mitigating cyber threats we may face as treasuries on a day-to-day basis. As all treasuries are a little different...
Spreading the Word About ABLE
Spreading the Word About ABLE
By: Hon. Beth Pearce
January 23, 2020
Since the passage of the Stephen Beck Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience Act in 2014, NAST has been at the forefront of both advocacy and education for ABLE accounts. Nationally, over 51,000 individuals with disabilities and their families are utilizing an ABLE account to ensure a better financial future...
Leadership and Learning
Leadership and Learning
By: Hon. Kelly Mitchell
January 16, 2020
To me, this quote sums up the value of our programming within the NAST family. I have found time spent at conferences to be invaluable to my work as the Indiana Treasurer of State. Learning is fundamental to leading, both in our offices and in our states...
Thank You For Your Support
Thank You For Your Support
By: Hon. Deb Goldberg
January 9, 2020
As we enter this new decade there are many uncertainties and challenges, yet many opportunities too. Treasurers are the fiscal stewards of our states and as such are strong advocates for sound financial policies and principles...
Introducing Our New Morning Brief Lineup
Introducing Our New Morning Brief Lineup
By: Shaun Snyder
January 2, 2020
Welcome to 2020 and the first edition of NAST’s newly formatted newsletter. Previously, you received a Daily Brief, along with a variety of other emails informing you about upcoming NAST events.

Submission guidelines

If you are a member of NAST, we invite you to submit an article for publication. We request that the 4-6 paragraph article be written in first person and topical in nature; consider this a Dear Colleague letter.  

We encourage a picture and links for more information.

To submit an article, please contact Kari Arfstrom at

Content suggestions

  • Showcase a programmatic success in your state
  • Share a case study
  • Tell us what makes your office unique
  • Make the case to attend a NAST event
  • Discuss the work of your Committee/Network/Caucus
  • Tell us what you plan to accomplish this year
  • Explain how you benefit from membership in NAST
  • Describe your state/federal legislative successes
  • Make a legislative call to action
  • Request information from members
  • Blog about an annual day/week/month (e.g. April is Financial Literacy Month)