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NAST Communications Efforts

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NAST Communications Efforts
October 15, 2020
NAST's Communications Consultants
Dear NAST Members and Supporters,

Over the past 6 months we’ve seen the NAST community adapt and innovate in countless ways to keep serving their communities. Your dedication to #GettingTheJobDone speaks volumes about your commitment to your constituents and to NAST as an organization.

During this time, Marathon has worked with NAST to help highlight the critical work of its members, while also taking steps to adapt communications and resources to better fit the current teleworking environment. This has included the #GettingTheJobDone social media campaign, which many of you participated in. You may have also noticed slight updates to the newsletter formatting and content, which were made based on the engagement patterns we observed during the shift to teleworking. To help you promote key NAST issues, we drafted template social posts on topics including Financial Planning Month and National Saving Day, College Savings Month, and the ADA 30th Anniversary. Many of you have helped share these with your networks. Additionally, we designed the digital tools for the Financial Wellness Education and Support Program to help state and local governments design and implement financial wellness programs for their employees.

As part of NAST’s communications team, we want to continue highlighting the critical work you do and help your offices stay up to date on the many ways in which NAST is here to aid your advocacy efforts and serve as a resource. Here are a few tips to help us stay in touch, and engaged:

  • Subscribe and share the NAST Daily Brief: The NAST newsletter is an incredibly helpful source for news on the public finance topics you care most about, as well as a platform to stay connected with NAST and to learn from and share your stories with other NAST members. Please forward the newsletter to your colleagues and let them know that they can subscribe here.


  • Engage with NAST and its networks on social media: In our increasingly digital world, social media serves as a powerful tool to stay connected and share news. We encourage you to follow NAST on Twitter and LinkedIn, and to follow CSPN on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. These platforms serve as helpful tools to share NAST’s news and amplify our Members’ work. Since March we’ve amped up our social presence and have subsequently seen a steady increase in engagement. In fact, on Twitter last month, NAST received more than 82 mentions and 200 profile visits and had over 22,000 tweet impressions. You can help us reach our goal of 1,000 followers by following the account here! And in addition to following NAST and CSPN, please tag our accounts and use these popular hashtags: #StateTreasurers, #529forCollege, #GettingTheJobDone and #MissingMoney.

  • Send us your stories: As mentioned, we want to highlight and amplify the amazing work that you are each doing for NAST, and for your individual states and communities. Send us links to articles, interviews, and op-eds to include in Friday’s newsletter edition – the State News Round-Up – and to highlight in our media outreach.


As part of the NAST team, we are always here to help with any communications and media-related questions you may have. Should you have any comments, ideas, or questions, we encourage you to reach out to us here.  


The Marathon Strategies Team

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