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State & Local Financial Wellness Programs

Financial wellness has become increasingly important for all Americans.

In the wake of economic downturns, a global pandemic, and changes to work-based benefits, wages have not been keeping pace with the cost of living. Very few initiatives have been developed and tailored for use by the million state and local government workers. These new education and support programs intend to rectify this oversight.

     Over a million dollars were awarded to 24 state and local jurisdictions in September 2021. Read their Fact Sheets and Case Studies here!

Start your journey to Financial Wellness with the Six Financial Life Stages for local, regional and state employees. Flip through the book above (or download it here) and then learn more with the free tools and resources below. Most of these documents are open source and can be personalized for your entity.

Over a million dollars were awarded to 24 state and local jurisdictions in September 2021. Read their Fact Sheets and Case Studies here!

Audience Guide & Speaker's Kit

With this Audience Guide & Speaker's Kit you can personalize your Financial Wellness presentations for in-person or online events.

Conference in a Box

The Conference in a Box will help you plan and execute your in-person and virtual meetings and events.

Legislative Toolkit

This Legislative Toolkit will help you pass a financial education graduation requirement in your state.

Financial Wellness Census Map

How do your state's Financial Wellness & Education programs stack up? This U.S. map will let you know in the national Census of state financial programs.

Additional Resources:

Op-Ed: The Financial Wellness Programs Public Employees Need: State and local government workers were worried about their finances even before the pandemic. Helping them and their families navigate the impacts of the economy is more important than ever. Published in The Future of Work newsletter by By J. Franzel, S. Snyder and C. Woodson Welch (November 12, 2020) 

Want to learn more about how to use these free tools? Watch the Introductory Webinar now. (September 30, 2020) 

To view a list of FinWell awardees, please click here. Congratulations to the awardees! (September 15, 2020) 

Financial Wellness for State and Local Employees: Quick Reference Guide
This quick reference guide is offered to outline: (1) what is meant by financial wellness (sometimes referred to as financial literacy or financial education); (2) what topics are included in employer-provided financial wellness programs; (3) what formats are typically used to offer and communicate program content; (4) what barriers employers must address and overcome in order to implement effective programs; and (5) how programs can be evaluated. 

A Focus on Public Sector Financial Wellness Programs: Employee Needs and Preferences (SLGE, April, 2020) 

Financial Literacy Programs for Local Government  Employees (SLGE, January, 2019)

Announcing Phase 2 with supplemental funding from Wells Fargo to continue the FinWell project! 

Application and FAQs for the online assessment and training platform (now closed).

Press release announcing partnership with Enrich (November 11, 2021)