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A Successful 4th Annual #UnclaimedPropertyDay


Thought Leadership Thursday Article

A Successful 4th Annual #UnclaimedPropertyDay
February 15, 2024
National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators

Dear NAST Members and Supporters -

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the overwhelming success of our 4th annual Unclaimed Property Day on February 1st! As Christina Lambert, NAUPA Communications Committee Vice-Chair and Director of External Relations at the Massachusetts State Treasury, so aptly stated in her Thought Leader letter, our unified efforts are amplifying the impact of our programs, enabling the return of billions to rightful owners.

This year, our collaborative outreach pushed Unclaimed Property Day to new heights.  NAUPA's comprehensive toolkit empowered members across the continent, leading to a surge in awareness and engagement. Additionally:

  • Our Google Ads grant secured a remarkable 26.8% click-through rate, significantly exceeding industry standards of 3-5%.
  • Our national database,, saw over 30,000 claims submitted!
  • We achieved a record-breaking 291 news articles directly mentioning Unclaimed Property Day – a 170% increase from last year.
  • Your efforts secured official proclamations in numerous states, recognizing February 1st as Unclaimed Property Day.
  • #unclaimedpropertyday trended far and wide on social media, showcasing the creativity and dedication of our community.

Under the visionary leadership of Claudia Ciobanu, our Communications Committee is already laying the groundwork for an even more impactful 5th-anniversary celebration in 2025.  If you share our passion for outreach, I invite you to join the committee and shape the future of our initiatives.

Let's keep this momentum going! Mark your calendars for Small Business Day on May 10th. Get ready for new resources designed to facilitate the return of funds to small businesses and foster valuable reporting relationships.

Together, we're making a profound difference. Thank you for your tireless commitment to reuniting people with their lost assets.


Patti Wilson
Unclaimed Property Administrator
Washington Department of Revenue

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