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Making the Connection

Duane Davidson

Thought Leadership Thursday Article

Making the Connection
July 16, 2020
State Treasurer
State of Washington
*Please watch this short video, which highlights the Washington Fund Directory - an online directory of funding resources for local governments - and allow me to share some additional thoughts with you leader to leader.
To my State Treasurer Colleagues,

As a former county treasurer I wanted to do something to assist local governments in better serving their constituents. I feel that as a statewide-elected official it is my responsibility to promote resources that benefit citizens in every county, city, and town across the state. The Washington Fund Directory is exactly that kind of valued resource.

Some time ago, it came to my attention that there were a large number of grant and loan programs offered by the State of Washington, of which many county officials may not be aware. I wanted to address those missing connections. With various programs spread across multiple divisions of many different agencies, the solution had to be easy to use, comprehensive in nature, and meet the needs of Washington’s local governments.


Today, I am proud to be helping locals make the connection to much needed state resources. Please take two minutes to watch this video explaining how to utilize the Washington Fund Directory.

Yours in service,

Duane A. Davidson
Washington State Treasurer
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