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Putting Financial Enrichment Tools In Your Hands

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Putting Financial Enrichment Tools In Your Hands
May 5, 2022
Deputy Executive Director for Learning

Dear NAST Members and Supporters:

Thank you for helping us celebrate Financial Literacy month in April. Financial education and empowerment is a tenant of NAST’s mission and service and we take it very seriously. Not only does NAST have a Treasurer-led committee dedicated to this topic, but also a staff caucus that meets monthly with guest speakers. And let’s not forget an entire track at TMTS this June in San Antonio.

In the past month we published four Thought Leader columns written by Treasurers Randy McDaniel, Dave Young, Allison Ball and Elizabeth Muoio on the topic, posted a Financial Literacy Month Communications toolkit with 510 online visits, and now have one more offer for you!

Not only do we want you to talk the talk when it comes to financial wellness, we want you to have the opportunity to walk the walk with your employees, their families, and other constituent groups. To assist you, we have a free digital platform for NAST members and supporters to use in supporting your financial education efforts. The NAST Foundation received a grant to provide free access to Enrich, the premier online platform for financial health and wellness.  You can personalize your landing page for your staff, other public sector employees, and offer it to key audiences to assist with their personal needs – maybe they are saving for a first home, funding 529 or ABLE accounts, need help to set a budget, or a myriad of other issues. Everyone’s financial story is different and shouldn’t their learning pathway be personal too? In the Enrich platform, there are over 30 interactive learning modules and thousands of short articles, videos and other learning tools. Take a tour here!

Join your Treasury colleagues in Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri and Nebraska who are already running their programs for staff and key constituent groups.  Treasurer Dennis Milligan was recently quoted as saying one of the reasons he is participating in the FinWell program is to help his employees "alleviate stress related to finances."

Access to the platform is free, and as a national cohort we work together to assist with marketing, outreach and media. There are quarterly calls to talk strategy, share best practices, and review key performance indicators of the platform.  All NAST members are eligible (and invited) to join the FinWell group.

To learn more, join us on Thursday, June 9th from 9:00-10:15 am in San Antonio at TMTS for a hands-on workshop to hear how you can sign up and get started. Or contact me for a zoom demonstration. It only takes six easy steps to get started on your financial wellness journey for you, staff and others at no cost to your office!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kari M. Arfstrom, Ph.D.
Deputy Executive Director for Learning, NAST

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