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Recognizing excellence in public treasury management The NAST Executive Committee accepts nominations for NAST Awards each year prior to the Annual Business Meeting.  Members are notified about the nomination process through routine NAST communications and direct outreach on an annual basis. 2021 NAST award recipients Jesse M. Unruh Award Kelly Mitchell Indiana View all award … Read more


Leading state administrators. Trusted public resources. College Savings · State Debt Management · Unclaimed Property Each of the following official NAST networks serves as the trusted, objective authority for its subject area.  The distinct networks bring together leading administrators of these critical programs to provide leadership, advocacy, and support to benefit the public. The network … Read more

Leadership & Committees

Governance and oversight represented by a diverse set of states and provinces NAST is overseen and governed by its Executive Committee, consisting of officials representing a diverse set of states. In addition, there are numerous boards and committees that provide necessary governance to various areas of the association. The association has a long history of … Read more

Who We Are

The leading voice for excellence in public finance The National Association of State Treasurers (NAST) serves as the nation’s foremost authority for responsible state treasury programs and related financial practices, policies, and education. Together, we enable state treasurers and officials who perform state treasury functions to pursue and administer sound financial practices and programs benefiting … Read more