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Retirement Security

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Course 1
State Auto-IRAs Landscape: Building on the Trend
This introductory class provides a summary of the automatic-IRA state program structure and features. Panelists provide state and industry perspectives on programs that are currently operating and those working through the next steps toward implementation. Attendees will get a solid refresher on how these new state-led efforts work and what we’ve seen from a growth and expansion perspective. 

Course 2
State MEPs and Marketplace Models in 2021
The second class provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of state MEP programs and marketplace models, including those that are already operational as well as those currently being implemented. Panelists will cover program structure, program status, lessons learned, challenges, etc. and give attendees a chance to explore other key program designs that Treasurer’s Offices are utilizing to close the retirement gap.

Course 3
Research & Innovation: Driving Future Success for State Retirement Programs
The third class drills down on new research, program features, and expansions that have helped expand retirement access, improve existing programs, and provides important opportunities for states still considering how to move forward. Attendees will hear from state programs, private-sector administrators, and investment managers on their efforts to continue innovating in this field.

Course 4
Turning Recommendations into Reality: How Research & Engagement Pushes Policy
The fourth class explores the key elements of success for conducting retirement security studies, the considerations for establishing a formal task force, opportunities and pitfalls, and how to utilize the final product and analysis to drive legislative action and next steps. Attendees hear from Treasurers and staff who are in the process of, or recently completed reports, and learn how they’re putting this research to work.

Course 5
Federal Updates & Initiatives: National Retirement Work and the Impact on States
There has been a lot of talk and discussion on a new movement at the federal level to push for expanded retirement coverage and increasing access to retirement options. The final class focuses on developments at the federal level, including rulemaking or regulatory changes, as well as the movement of any specific legislation through Congress. (SECURE Act 2.0, National Auto-IRA. etc.) Attendees will learn more about how federal initiatives interact with efforts at the state level and will also get a sense of what further action to expect from Congress and the new administration.