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COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic poses both unprecedented public health and financial challenges for state governments. In order to help our members navigate this crisis, NAST continues to gather and host resources on relevant and rapidly changing topics. Please navigate through the resources by clicking on the various dropdown menus.

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Federal Advocacy and Resources 

Need to Know

Federal Aid to States

COVID Relief Funding (CRF)
$150 B in Federal Aid for COVID-Related Expenses

Treasury has released guidance and an FAQ document on the treatment, management and eligible expenses of Section 5001 (CRF) funding. In addition, the Office of the Inspector General has released FAQs relating to the Reporting and Recordkeeping of CRF payments. For additional questions, please visit the U.S. Treasury’s page on Assistance for State and Local Governments ($150B in COVID Relief Funding).

Complete list of CRF payments made to state and local governments.

Treasury OIG Oversight Support

In addition to guidance and FAQs from Treasury Management, the Office of the Inspector General has also published FAQs pertaining to the compliance and reporting of CRF proceeds. 

Prime recipients can direct additional inquiries to the Office of the Insepect General by emailing:

Other U.S. Treasury Resources

COVID Response Landing Page

CARES Act Landing Page

Additional Resources