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State-Facilitated Retirement Plans

State's Retirement Plans Map 

For many, saving for retirement is one of the biggest financial goals to plan for in a lifetime. Despite this reality, many find it challenging to build their retirement savings. This is particularly true when access to an employer-sponsored retirement account, like a 401(k) or 403(b), isn’t an option. 

Fortunately, several states have enacted retirement savings programs to help fill this gap with auto-IRAs, payroll deduction IRAs, multiple employer plan (MEPs), and/or retirement marketplaces.

Thank you for completing the primer in the Enrich platform. To see if your state offers a retirement program, click on your state below.Green indicates the state has an active auto-IRA program; dark blue means the state has an active multiple employer plan (MEP); light blue means the state has an active retirement marketplace; and yellow means the state has passed legislation and a program (auto-IRA, MEP, and/or marketplace) is currently in development.