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The leading voice for excellence in public finance


Virtual Courses

Free virtual learning courses and primers for NAST members!

Being a member of NAST provides you with many continuous learning opportunities, including online. The NAST Foundation is pleased to announce that we have even more learning options for you, your staff, and those you serve for free! 

If there is a course or explainer that you would like to see added to this platform, or if you want access to the entire Enrich financial wellness platform, please contact NAST and can assist your office. The NAST Foundation is grateful to the Wells Fargo Foundation for the support of these programs. 

Looking for a career in the public finance sector? Check out this quick tutorial on Everything You Need to Know About a Career in the Public Finance Sector 

Searching for Unclaimed Property – A Virtual Course 

1 in 7 individuals has money or property that was forgotten at one point. This course gives an overview of the unclaimed property cycle, starting with an explanation of the various types of unclaimed property and reasons why property may become unclaimed. This course will help you claim your money and other items that you already own. Click here to get started! Registration is required. 

Unclaimed Property Start Here Guide 

Launched in time for Unclaimed Property Day last February, this short explainer guide offers users the basics of claiming your unclaimed property. Viewed almost 40,000 times since the launch, it has been such a hit that we are turning it into a full course to be released prior to Unclaimed Property Day 2023, which is February 1.  It was translated into French for our members in Canada and is also available in Spanish, as are all of the courses on the Enrich platform.

Basics of 529s – A Virtual Course 

Prior to 529 Day last May, CSPN and NAST were pleased to release a course on “Understanding the Basics of a 529 Plan.” The interactive learning module has short videos, quizzes, and infographics for users to learn about college savings plans. At the end of the course, users can click through to visit the CSPN website for further information. With over 3 million Enrich users, we are reaching more possible savers than ever before with all of these modules.

ABLE Savings Plans – A Virtual Course 

With the success of the 529 course, the NAST Foundation released another one for ABLE savings plans. ABLE subject matter experts worked hard to ensure the course’s videos, text, and graphics are accurate and informational. Like all of these learning modules, feel free to link to them in your newsletters, webpages, etc.  Registration is required for the courses, but there is no fee for participants.

Retirement Security Start Here Guide 

Next came the launch of the primer on state-facilitated retirement programs. With many states offering these accounts to the self-employed, gig workers, and employees of small businesses, we strive to inform as many workers as possible to let them know about these plans. At the end of the short learning video, there is a call to action page with a hot map that NAST created that includes links to states that have, or are about to have, these retirement programs. Users can then learn more and hopefully start to save for their retirements!

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