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NAST Travel Policies

Travel & Scholarship Policies & Procedures for NAST & Network Members

The purpose of this page is to outline the policy and procedures to NAST and Network members who travel on official NAST business and/or to NAST conferences by utilizing the funds available from the NAST Scholarship Program. 

If NAST invites/requests a member to travel for a NAST sanctioned event, those expenses will be reimbursed following the same travel policy that NAST staff follow. Note: travel related to NAST conferences is not eligible for reimbursement beyond the scholarship program outlined below.

In order to receive reimbursement for expenses related to travel for official NAST/Network business, the state treasurer or network representative must have advance authorized approval from the NAST President (which can be obtained through the NAST CEO) to ensure that the anticipated travel is supported in the NAST budget. Please see the below polices regarding travel for this purpose.

NAST Scholarship Program

Scholarships to encourage Treasurers attendance at NAST conferences are available to dues paying members of NAST. The scholarships, as itemized below, are intended for use by the State Treasurers to cover registration fees and/or travel & other reimbursable expenses to NAST conferences. Written authorization by a Treasurer is required for all scholarship reimbursements. 

For the current fiscal year, which runs from July 1-June 30, the NAST Executive Committee approved up to $4,000 in scholarship funds for each dues-paying member to attend the following conferences: fall NAST Annual Conference, winter NAST Legislative Conference and spring NAST Treasury Management Training Symposium. Each dues-paying member will be eligible to receive up to $2,000 per conference to help offset the cost of attendance for a total of $4,000 in scholarship funds during the fiscal year. Submit an official NAST reimbursement form with receipts (electronic copies of receipts are acceptable) to: 

Chris Hunter, Deputy Executive Director – 202-630-0064 or 

Policies & Procedures related to all NAST travel

Travel expense reimbursement reports must be submitted to NAST on a per trip basis and should be submitted no later than 45 days after the completion of the trip. All receipts must be attached to an official NAST reimbursement form and include the signature of the traveler. NAST staff will assign the activity codes on the expense report upon receipt for proper accounting purposes. 

State Treasurers and NAST members are required to book the general coach/economy fare that allows carry-on luggage. Upgraded service is allowed if it is at no additional expense to NAST (i.e. using personal milage points or promotional offerings from airlines). For international flights, please speak to NAST staff prior to booking.

State Treasurers and NAST members traveling for NAST or on NAST scholarship funds are required to stay in the official NAST conference hotel. If the official NAST conference hotel is unavailable, the Treasurer should reserve hotel accommodations consisting of a standard type of room at a government rate, whenever possible. If a government rate is not available, travelers should request the lowest rack rate. NAST will reimburse for the official meeting dates, which may include the night before the event/conference begins and the night after the event/conference ends depending on travel restrictions imposed on the traveler or in the event the NAST President or CEO calls an officially sanctioned committee or working group meeting that would require the treasurer to arrive a day early or stay an additional night. An extended stay for personal reasons is the responsibility of the traveler. 

Rental cars may be used when the nature of the trip is such that use of local transportation such as taxis, hotel limousines or vans is not practical or would be more expensive. Treasurers should rent mid-size class cars or smaller when traveling for NAST. 

Mileage on personally owned cars is reimbursed at the Federal rate. Taxi, parking and toll charges are also reimbursable. 

NAST will reimburse the Treasurer for the actual cost of meals, including tax and tip. Cash register receipt or bill must be attached to the official NAST reimbursement form for meal reimbursement. 

All reimbursable expenses must be accompanied by a receipt, except in those cases where a receipt is not obtainable (e.g., maid tip, baggage handling tips). 

Spouse/guest accompaniment to a NAST conference is a non-reimbursable expense. Other non- reimbursable expenses include personal entertainment, in-room movies, spa services, gifts, grooming and parking or speeding tickets or any other costs of a personal nature not related to business.